Closing & Escrow Services

Closing Services

Greater NJ Title Agency believes in the value of your time. That’s why at GNJTA we completely assume the responsibility of these closing services, allowing us to use legal professionals minimally and on an as needed basis. In this way, your time can be spent in a more productive, efficient and, therefore, profitable way. It’s our industry savvy and respect for your time that make it possible.

We provide closing services anywhere in the United States. We can close… Anytime, Anywhere:

  • At an attorney’s office
  • At the borrower’s home or office
  • Seven days a week in most areas

We know how important it is, not just to schedule and set up your closing, but to make sure it closes. All of our closing coordinators are skilled at closing any type of transaction.

  • Scheduling closing with borrower at their convenience
  • Obtaining complete and accurate payoff statements
  • Communication with the lender to assure smooth flow of all processes
  • Preparation of closing statement
  • Preparation of the proper affidavit of title
  • Timely forwarding of title transaction package to the lender
  • Recording of required official documents
  • The proper disbursement of money
  • Assuring the return of the transaction package to the lender